Alvanovo Organic Orchards

Certified Bio Producer

Certified Organic Fruits and Walnut

Alvanovo Organic Orchards are certified organic orchards producing plums, walnuts and pears. The crops are grown to the highest standards of organic farming regulations and the orchards’ produce meets all requirements for raw materials in the organic food and beverage industry.

BIO certificate

Our promise of ecologically clean produce is backed up by the organic certificate issued by the Lacon International Institute since 2014.


We partner with various organic food and beverage manufacturers by providing raw materials or developing joint products with our produce.


We do our best to comply with our customers' requirements for packaging, documentation, transportation and other aspects of our cooperation.

What We Grow

A basket full of organic Stanley plums

Stanley Plum

Planted area – 90000 m2
Trees: 4600
Estimated yield: 30-50 kg/tree

Organic pears

Pears, Passe Crassane and  Vicar of Winkfields

Planted area – 2000 m2
Trees: 267
Estimated yield: 5-15 kg/tree

Био орехи от Био градини Алваново

Walnuts Izvor10, Sheynovo, Dryanovo cultivars

Planted area – 100000 m2
Trees: 1000
Estimated yield: 10-12 kg/tree

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In Harmony with Nature

Organic farming goes far beyond giving up on chemical pesticides, fertilizers and GMO seeds. In order to achieve organic production, it is necessary to maintain the balance and health of the whole ecosystem. This means to know very well the natural processes and interactions between the various organisms and how to effectively stimulate or suppress them when needed. That is why we carefully research and apply only ecological methods  such as Ladybug population, Californian Worm Fertilizer, our own production of pest control solutions made of entirely natural ingredients. In this way we keep our soil clean and healthy and the trees strong and fruitful. All pest control and fertilization techniques used in our orchards comply with the organic farming regulations and we undergo verification inspections every year.

Where to find us

Address: 3, “Yordan Mindov” Str.,

Alvanovo, Targovishte,


Phone: +359 885 443040